Our Bucket List

✔Get ice cream

✔Take a bubble bath

✔Share popcorn at the movies

✔Fall asleep on the phone

✔Have a Harry Potter Marathon

✔Pick out each other’s outfits 

Hug a penguin

Ride in a hot air balloon

Get a tattoo

Go to Times Square for New Years Eve

Have a New Years kiss

Get married

Go to Niagara Falls

Go scuba diving

Go to a drive-thru movie

Breathe in helium

Split a milkshake

Go to the aquarium

Get matching outfits

Buy matching bracelets

Go on a road trip

Make breakfast for each other

✔Ate at Planet Hollywood with each other

✔Have matching rings

✔FaceTime each other

✔Met his family

✔Eat halal food

Go mini golfing 

Kiss at midnight

Bake something

Make T-shirts

Have a snowball fight

Go to six flags with each other

Go to Water Park


Go to the zoo

Go tanning

Watch fireworks

Get ready together

Go on a classy date

Go to the gym

Read a book together

Go on a run

Have a paint war

Go on a Starbucks date

Get a pedicure together

Paint something

✔Take a nap together

✔Kiss in the rain

✔Write each other letters

✔Get in trouble

✔Go to the rocks

✔Made a couple video

✔Order chinese food

✔Fall for each other

Make snow angels together

Have a nice honeymoon

Start a family 

Make love in the rain

Got to Red Lobster

Go to Olive Garden

✔Go to church together

✔Party together

✔Made love

✔Went to the movies together


Eat Japanese food

Eat Thai food

Eat Vietnamese food

Eat Italian food

✔Eat Spanish food

Kiss underwater

Swim with dolphins

Throw a dart at a map and travel to wherever it lands

Learn how to swim

Have a romantic dinner at a beach

Make love in a fort

Kiss under mistletoe

Kiss on a beach at sunset

Kiss at the top of a ferris wheel

Go to LA

Go to Atlantic City

Make love in every destination we travel

Go to Disney World